My1stMasjid: Masjid World Map

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Unlock a world of learning with My1stMasjid: Masjid World Map. Our map is made with vibrant colors and durable materials, so it's great quality and easy to use. Introduce children to Islam through a fun, interactive experience that will inspire their minds and open their hearts to beautiful new cultures!

Our Masaajid Around the World map is designed with the intention to help our families recognize and appreciate the importance of unity and compassion towards our global ummah and humanity as a whole.

It also stands as a beautiful reminder of the Hadith “The entire earth has been made a place of prayer, except for graveyards and washrooms”.  InshaAllah with this visual reminder, our families can stand firm and hold on to Salaah, no matter where on earth we go. 

Our Map comes complete with 20 wooden tokens adorned with striking Masaajid from around the world, celebrating the architectural mastery that spans from one side of the Earth to the other. Tokens can be attached to the Mat using adhesive hook & loop circles (provided).

Our Maps measure aprox 83 x 58 cm and are made from buttery-soft vegan leather. They are made from non-toxic, scratch resistant material.  A muted tone to match every home paired with modern illustrations, makes this map versatile and ideal for a number of fun games.