Ali the Great and the Dinosaur Mistake


Ali Tahir is a dinosaur expert! Or is he?

 Ali and his classmates are excited for their field trip to the natural history museum.

Ali brags to his friends that he’s a dinosaur pro! But when Ali gets his facts wrong, he’s really embarrassed. Some dino pro he is!

Then, Ali learns that mistakes can also be opportunities… Ali the Great, by Yasmin author Saadia Faruqi, is a charming chapter book series about Pakistani American second grader Ali Tahir.

Ali’s big ideas will resonate with young readers who believe that every problem has a creative solution—you just have to find it!

  • Author: Saadia Faruqi
  • Illustrations: Debby Rahmalia
  • Capstone Publishing
  • Age Recommendation: 5-10 years
  • Pages: 32
  • ISBN: 9781484681190