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Arabic Alphabet Magpad

Excellent presentation

I admire the way the writer concluded the book with versus of the Quran about diversity. Good book for kids.

Quran Cube LED Light with Bluetooth
Myriam Ouattara epse Gbane
Perfect maachaaAllah

I bought it for my daughter's bedroom and yes we love it Al Hamdulilah

Reflection Card Deck
Najwa Farhana Yahya

Reflection Card Deck

Muhammad His Character And Conduct By Adil Salahi

My Dua Pillow - Blue
Fatimah Khaldi

My Dua Pillow - Blue

Allah Knows All About Me

I love it

It’s perfect , my baby loves it and the delivery was extremely fast!

Quote Lovin' Tote Bags
Cute tote!

Bright colorful print with a lovely message!

Birthday Gift!

A beautiful and thoughtful Gift for younger ones!

The best gift

This is the second time i buy this gift set and both mamas loved it!!

Kaaba lego set

My boys loved working in this Kaaba lego set. They were surprised to see the little details like the pillars, black stone and maqaam e Ibrahim. Happy with the purchase.

99 Names of Allah Children's Sound Book by Desi Doll
Taussif Khan
Best book for kids learning

Quick delivery and MashaAllah my kids love the book.

Amazing watch:)

My child loves the watch. It has the Quran, Prophets’ stories, duas, camera and so much more. It’s a beautiful smart watch and I will be buying more in the future for the other kids in the family. Jazakillah khair.

Kaaba - Islamic Building Block Set of the Holy Kaaba

Bismillah Reusable Silicone Baby Bib

The Eid Mubarak wristband is great idea for Eid goody bags . I only wish there was different colors. Thank you

The best

All the mums at the masjid were so excited to see the second part, it’s very well done

Islamic Quran Smartwatch

Great gift for kids! This smartwatch has such great features including quran, prophet stories, etc.

Kaaba Glitter Snow Globe

Best Eid Gift Ever!!!

We have a no cellphone rule for my tees 12 and 13 year olds and so having this technology that looks cool and is for adults was amazing. They use it everyday to listen to quran, seerah and nasheeds. So grateful Alhamdulillah. May Allah protect our kids with and through the Quran INshallah. Ameen.

So cute

The toy itself was so cute,my nephew loved it. Also really appreciated the goodies that came with it, the gift bag and everything.

Was a Hit!

Was a birthday gift for a friends girl and the whole family loved it

99 Names of Allah Children's Sound Book by Desi Doll

99 Names of Allah Children's Sound Book by Desi Doll