Allah Loves Me

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This book consists of twelve different stories. All of the stories are based on a verse from the Qur’an. Verses like: “Allah loves those who are patient.” “Allah loves those who are kind.” “Allah loves those who are helpful.” “Allah loves those who are clean.”

Every story has a child as the main character so children who read the story will easily identify themselves with the characters. While they learn the meanings of each verse, they will also learn lots of virtues. From a young age, they will have the opportunity to know how Allah values certain behavior and why those Islamic concepts are important in our lives.

Publisher: Timas Kids
Author: Ayse Sevim, Fatma Isik
Illustrator: Sevgi Icigen
ISBN: 978-605-08-1410-1
Publication date: January 2014
Format: Hardcover
Size: 12 x 17 (cm) 5 x 6.7 (inch)
Page Count: 384
Age Group: 4-7
Weight: 470 gram 1 lb