Mosaic Lantern DIY Banner Party Pack - Includes 6 Complete Banner Sets

$12.99 $14.99

Transform your party with the Mosaic Lantern DIY Banner Party Pack! No need for complicated assembly – each set includes easy to use pieces that come together with beautiful results. Quality materiel ensures a stunning mosaic banner that will bring elegance and flair to your next event. Make your celebration one they won't forget!

Our new Mosaic Lantern DIY Banner Party Packs are sure to be a big hit with your kiddos for any occasion. With six complete banner sets in each pack, everyone gets to customize to their heart's content, and it also makes a perfect gift for all ages!


  • Lantern size: 5" x 2.3"
  • 36 precut colored lanterns
  • 6 4ft long ribbons
  • 6 adhesive gem sheets
  • 6 adhesive foam sheets