The Simple Seerah Young Adults Book by Asim Khan And Toyris Miah


A young adults book about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with a forward by Mufti Menk. The amazing story of The Seerah which covers the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the history of Islam, written in an easy-to-read format for teenagers and young adults.

This book tells the story of Islam from the beginning; how an entire city tried to kill one man simply because he spoke the truth about God, calling for justice and the fair treatment of women and the poor. It is a tale of searching for truth, forming meaningful bonds beyond status or personal interest, and overcoming obstacles for the sake of the Almighty.

Having dedicated much of his life to explaining the deeper meanings of the Qur’an to non-Arabic speakers, Ustadh Asim Khan has now taken on the challenge of relating the life of the Prophet Muhammad in true storytelling fashion. This style of the Seerah is yet to be experienced in the English language and promises to transport the reader back to the time of the Prophet and his Companions.

Mufti Menk approved! 

Add The Simple Seerah: Part Two

“Appropriately titled as "The Simple Seerah"
one of the main objectives of this book is to
make it easy for the young generation of
Muslims today to understand and learn from
the life of the Prophet (saw). 

The novel-like language and storytelling structure
used throughout the book is easy and engaging
for most youngsters and even adults. Combined
with the brilliant illustrations, you're transported
to ancient Makkah to witness the trials and challenges of the early Muslims.” - Mufti Menk

  • ISBN13: 9781739909505
  • Publication Date: 09-09-2021
  • Format: Paperback