Ramadan Mubarak Paper Gift Bags Set of 8 (Large)

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Now you can make your celebrations more festive with your Ramadan Mubarak Paper Gift Bags Set of 8! These bags are exquisitely crafted for maximum wow factor and durable for long-lasting use. Whether it's for family and friends, or for your own decor, these striking bags will bring extra cheer to your festive celebrations. Make it one to remember with these brilliant bags!

Cute Ramadan Mubarak Gift bags that can be used for a variety of events. Having a Ramadan Party? Use it as a loot bag for kids! Sending iftaar to friends? Use it as a special gift for friends and family.

Comes in a set of 8 bags.

Material: Kraft paper

1.Use for party favors or small gifts like: candy, cookies, snacks, toys and more.
2.Fill these loot bags with fun party favors and sweet treats as an extra special gift for your party guests!

Size: 11*9*5inch / 27*21*11cm