I’m Learning my Hadith We Share Our Love

What is the best way to behave and how can we teach our children to behave correctly? This series answers that question! This series explains to children how to obey the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings in their daily lives.  Correct behavior such as helping, smiling, telling the truth, and cleanliness, which are emphasized by Islam and our prophet is shown. Our main characters, a brother and sister named Tariq and Zainab, have a children’s ‘Hadith Box’ in their house. Each book in this series is about a certain Hadith picked from that box. All the members of the family try to apply this Hadith to their own lives throughout the story.
Hadiths consist of a very big and important part of Islam. They light up the road to a correct lifestyle and they set what Islamic values are. Children will identify with the characters in the story making it more easy and more fun for them to learn and practice all of the Hadiths in their own lives.
  • Publisher: Timas Kids
  • Author: Nur Kutlu
  • Illustrator: Ayse Kitil
  • ISBN: 978-605-08-1347-0
  • Publication date: January 2014
  • Format: Paperback
  • Size: 20 x 26 (cm) 7.8 x 10.2 (inch)
  • Page Count: 32
  • Age Group: 4-7
  • Weight: 120 gram 0.26 lb