Iftar Treat Box

Track the days of Ramadan, with the perfect Ramadan countdown calendar ... and make each day count!

12 5/8 x 17/32 x 10 5/8 inches.

The "Sweet Days..." calendar features original artwork by award-winning children's book illustrator, Susan Detwiler, which captures the ideals of diversity, community, sharing, and joy through the iftar scene it portrays. The tree in the foreground includes five branches, each labeled with one of the five major components of the religion. The box has 29 perforated doors, which can be opened one a day throughout the month, to reveal a chocolate treat. While the last compartment holds a jelly bean surprise.

The "Wondrous Days..." calendar features a new original design by Susan Detwiler, highlighting the wonders of the natural world. In addition to a sweet treat, each compartment reveals a Quranic verse on the inside flap inviting reflection and celebration of the wonder of God's creations while relishing the sweet joys of Ramadan.