Quran Book in Rainbow Color Embossed Leather

$24.99 $34.99

Quran in Pink, Purple, Blue, and light Pink Colors. Surround your life with the Glorious words of Allah SWT from this unique Quran. These beautiful leather-bound Rainbow Qurans are intricately embossed with a unique pattern on the covers. Pages are bordered in vibrant colors.

Each quarter of the Holy Quran is filled with breathtaking colored pages. This is great for Ramadan or for young Muslims trying to memorize each of the 30 sections (Juz' / Ajza') of the Holy Koran.

Perfect gift for your loved ones, and new converts.
 An ideal present to a convert, friend, family and loved ones for Eid, Ramadan, Wedding, graduation or other Islamic occasions.

Details & Dimensions:

  •     Size: 20cm x 14cm
  •     Arabic only
  •     Uthmani script
  •     Leather embossed Quran cover
  •     Some batches of Quran have gold trimming on the cover some does not.
  •     Quran color may differ due to your computer/device setting