My Salah Activity Book by My Salah Mat


Due to popular demand, we have produced a batch of My Salah Mat Activity books for individual sale. Parents have voiced that when buying 1 Interactive Prayer Mat for 2 children an extra activity book is needed. So we do not want to disappoint our little brothers and sisters! So here is the Activity book for you to buy if you need an extra one. This makes a great little gift for someone to enjoy at home while travelling and just to learn when bored!

We have also recently updated the Activity Book with more pages with activities for children all around learning salah. This Activity book on Salah makes learning Salah fun and enjoyable! Insha’Allah.

The Activity book includes:

  1. Puzzles
  2. Crosswords
  3. Key Words in Salah
  4. Prayer Times
  5. Adhan
  6. Wudu
  7. Salah process
  8. Surahs
  9. Duas
  10. Quizzes
  11. Colouring pages
  12. And so much more