Mini Masjid Silhouette Made by My1stMasjid

$59.99 $69.99

Let your little one explore their faith and creativity with the Mini Masjid Silhouette from My1stMasjid. Featuring three beautiful, intricately designed wooden panels, your child can build their own mosque, getting a hands-on experience of their faith and discovering the joy of crafting. Instill pride in their religious identity and create hours of imaginative play. What's more magical than that?

Our wooden Mini Masjid Stand helps create the perfect little nook for the whole family to enjoy, especially during the enlightening nights of Ramadan.
A modern minimal design, coupled with the traditional dome shapes, helps to bring the Masjid atmosphere into your home without taking up too much space.

No glueing or drilling required on this model. Packs flat for easy storage. Made from quality, environmentally friendly plywood.
Your Masjid will arrive flat-packed with 3 wooden panels, precut holes mean no measuring or drilling, connecting hinges and backed-screws included for easy construction. Instructions will be via a video tutorial for ease.