Nura - Salam Sisters Doll

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Meet Nura, standing at 46cm (18in) tall, she's the one with a deep interest in science and the great outdoors. She's on a mission to memorize the Quran.

Most likely to be: noticing details her friends miss, sharing a random fact that is tangentially related to the situation (making her friends laugh or light up with interest), or teaching new phrases to her pet parrot Zuzu.

Nura comes with:

  • Playmat:¬†Say hi to a¬†3D version of Nura, brought to life through augmented reality on your smartphone or tablet through the Salam Sisters app. Download for free on the¬†App Store¬†or¬†Google Play
  • Storybook:¬†Learn more about Nura's¬†world through an original Salam Sisters story and activities (you can color in the pages of the book too!)
  • Pre-styled scarf:¬†We wish this came in adult sizes! An easy to slip on and velcro-into-place¬†headscarf so¬†Nura is always styling even when she's in a rush on her way to the¬†masjid.¬†Nura's is a¬†deep magenta.
  • Style-your-own scarf:¬†With a nifty bit of elastic at the neck (no pins needed) and free-flowing ends, the¬†style-your-own¬†scarf encourages young minds to get¬†experimental and create their¬†own unique #HijabStyle. Nura's comes in a¬†bright¬†blue for when she feels like changing things up a bit.
  • Undercap:¬†Well, you can't really wear a hijab without one right? So we've¬†designed an undercap¬†specifically for our Salam Sisters, complete with velcro bits making it super easy to put on¬†and hold our girls' hair in place.¬†
  • Hairbrush:¬†Because¬†Nura will arrive at your doorstep with her headscarf on, her hair might be a bit bent out of shape. Not to worry, we've included a hairbrush to help smooth things out because hair care counts for hijabi's too!
  • Cute outfit:¬†Nura's¬†chambray denim maxi skirt is cut with a fold detail at the front allowing for maximum movement. Paired with a batik-inspired print on her wide-sleeved shirt, and broken up with a deep magenta scarf to complement the blue tones. Her white flats are complete with a bow detail.