Precious Parables

This is a book of stroies about parables for children, selected and revised with educational goals in mind. This is a small-format hard cover book of stories that can be used as bed-time stories or simply to help children to learn the importance of good behavior.
From children to adults, audiences of all ages enjoy parables. They are important in constructing and remembering our true selves.  The aim of these texts is to develop a child’s character. Some of the traits taught in this book are honesty, goodness, generosity, sharing, self-sacrifice, self-control, modesty, loyalty, justice, and compassion. Through the stories presented to them in this book, children will learn the importance of parables. When children read these tales, they will identify with the main characters and become absorbed in the course of events that unfold.
  • Publisher: Timas Kids
  • Author: Adem Fidan
  • Illustrator: Murat Bingol
  • ISBN: 978-605-08-1559-7
  • Publication date: March 2014
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Size: 12 x 17 (cm) 5 x 6.7 (inch)
  • Page Count: 400
  • Age Group: 4-7
  • Weight: 470 gram 1 lb