Ramadan Classroom Bundle


Looking for Ramadan gifts for the entire classroom? Look no further! We have a classroom FULL of goodies! Each parent can contribute to this bundle making a classroom full of happy children and a happy teacher!

A portion of our proceeds for each Ramadan Box sold will go to the Earthquake Relief

Bundle Includes: 

  1. 12 Sets Ramadan Mubarak Paint Stained Glass 
  2. 1 Giant Ramadan Coloring Poster with Markers 
  3. 2 Sets - Islamic Art Stencil and Scratch Paper Set 6 Stencils and 50 Scratch Sheets
  4. 12 Ramadan Mubarak Wristbands
  5. 12 Ramadan Mubarak Pencils 
  6. 1 Ramadan Kareem Window Gel Clings  
  7. Ramadan Mubarak Large Reusable Cloth Bag