Ramadan Giant Coloring Poster and Stickers Set


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The Giant Ramadan Coloring & Stickers Activity Poster! The Giant ramadan coloring and sticker poster is a fun filled Ramadan activity for the whole family! This is “The little bulbul’s” third addition of the Giant poster and it has quickly become a family tradition.

Task #1 is find where the appropriate moon phase belongs on poster and place it on the gray area. One moon phase sticker a day.

You can choose to keep the sticker sheet as is OR or cut them individually  and insert into you Ramadan calendar.

Our Ramadan Giant Coloring Poster and Stickers Set is the perfect way to bond with family during the Holy month of Ramadan. This giant poster and sticker set allows kids of all ages to learn about this special month while having fun. Get creative, explore the beautiful aspects of Ramadan, and bring your family together with this amazing set!

Task #2 , find the sticker labeled appropriately for each day and place it where is belongs on posters

Task #3 color the sections. There are 8 sections. You need to color the poster in this order, spending 3-4 days on each section, leading up to Eid.

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