Ramadan & Eid 100 Piece Islamic Puzzles Bundle

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Easy to assemble Our Ramadan & Eid 100 Piece Islamic Puzzle Bundle is a beautifully made collection of puzzles sure to make a great gift or addition to any family activity. Quality crafted and easy to assemble, they provide a fun and entertaining way to learn about Islam while strengthening fine motor skills. Bring joy to kids and adults alike as you explore different Islamic themes. Create lasting memories and make the most of your Ramadan and Eid celebrations!

Ramadan & Eid 100 Piece Islamic Puzzles Bundle

Inspired by Islam, preserved through history, and connected through culture, I present to you, Muslim Memories Puzzles!

Now, for the first time ever, you can bring Islamic culture to your home with our beautiful collection of puzzles! Each featured artwork is original and has been designed specifically for Muslim Memories.  As you can see, no detail has been left untouched in the beauty of these illustrations.

Making puzzles with loved ones has been known to create a bonding experience and lasting memories for all.  From our learning youth to our learned elders, the benefits and joy are limitless. As each piece finds its place, the joy builds in anticipation of the completed masterpiece! 

Made with 100% recycled cardboard, our puzzles and boxes are environmentally friendly and have gone through extensive CPC testing to ensure that we create safe products for you and your family to enjoy.  Here at Muslim Memories, we only provide quality, curated products.

Puzzles are the perfect gift for any age, and are proven to engage and challenge the mind.  Start creating memories today by collecting all the Muslim Memories Puzzles!


  • Thickness: 2.3mm
  • Number of pieces: 100 pieces X 2
  • Material: 100% Recycled cardboard
  • Package included: 2 pack of Puzzles each with 100 pieces puzzle; Reference poster and postcard.
  • Quality Box: comes in high quality storage box with guide picture on the box.

Safety Warning:
To be used under the direct supervision of an adult
Not suitable for children under 3 years