Ramadan Legacy Planner- Paradise Green Edition



    Join over 40,000 Muslims living a spiritually uplifting life through the Ramadan Legacy Planner.

    They say ‘be a better Muslim’, but how do we achieve that? When life gets busy, overwhelming or confusing it’s hard to design a plan to improve our spirituality and religious worship. But in the month of Ramadan Allah provides us with a blessed opportunity to hit the reset button.

    The Ramadan Legacy Planner is designed to help you not only plan and succeed in your personal Ramadan goals and schedule but also live a truly spiritually uplifting life all-year-round. It guides you through a step-by-step 3-month roadmap: before, during, and after Ramadan, that embraces the power of remembrance, spirituality, and self-development.

    The planner takes you through powerful, practical, and reflective exercises that will help you gain a better understanding of yourself, your worship strengths and weaknesses, and then create a personalized and organized plan to set, plan and track progress towards your religious goals. 

    While using the Ramadan Legacy Planner, you will be encouraged to:

      • Plan your life around things that truly matter
      • Set goals that will make you feel truly happy and fulfilled
      • Practice deep self-reflection so that you understand yourself better
      • Start each day with a personalized structured schedule and plan
      • End each day with gratitude and shukr
      • Cut out things that hold you back
      • Heal past pains and strengthen relationships with your loved ones


        • Pre-Ramadan Stage: The Month of Sha’ban

          Stage 1: Knowledge for Your Ramadan Journey

          Stage 2: Reflective Exercises Before Ramadan

          Stage 3: Ramadan Goals & Du’as

          Stage 4: Journey Through Your 30-Day Action Plan

          Stage 5: End Of Ramadan Review

          Stage 6: Post Ramadan Habit Tracker

          • Undated A5 5.8" x 8.3" size
          • Artwork postcard
          • Soft-leather Flexi bound with curved edges
          • 160-page full-colour on speciart paper
          • Poly wrapping with belly band wrap
          • Ribbon and elastic band