Read, Then Write Your Will


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Author: Hisham al-Aref

Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House

Format: Paper back

No. of page: 64

Year of publication: 2014


Islam highly recommends writing a will, so much so that a Muslim should not spend a single night without completing it. Many man-made laws also recognise the need for such a document. The absence of a will can result in endless problems, whereas its presence can act as a tool through which the deceased can communicate to relatives and loved ones even after death. A will can include both financial and religious matters; it can also be a document for reference. Thus, a will can prevent disputes and ensure that the rights of the deceased’s family and friends are justly fulfilled. In easy to understand language, Hisham al-Aref explains what should go into writing a will and provides sample wills to help you to write your own. This new revised and expanded edition of “Read, Then Write Your Will” provides a template to help you to write your own will.