Salaam Baby Blanket


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 The Salaam Baby Blanket is a luxurious and beautiful two sided baby blanket that is printed on one side and solid on the other. It is a generous 75x100cms so it works for a growing baby.

The material is a luxurious 2 layered 480gm dot minky – Minky plush fabric is a synthetic, hypo-allergenic fabric made from 100% polyester fibers. All minky fabric is a knit fabric, which gives it the ultra-soft feel while maintaining durability. It’s super soft and gentle on baby skin.

The Three-dimensional assisted touch bulge on one side helps to reduce child crying, increase sleep, and give your baby a sense of security and trust.

 *Comes in a rainbow illustrated peekaboo gift box.

Material: Plush Dot Minky
Size: 75cm x 100cms
          29.52*39.4 inch

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