Toddler Boys Eid Gift Bundle

$69.99 $110.00

You Save: $40!

Hip Hip Hooray! Eid is coming! What better way gift a toddler this AMAZING Boys Eid Gift Bundle packed with games and sensory play. From play-dough to placemats, to Arabic learning and Salah games, your child will have nonstop fun with this bundle!

The Eid Bundle includes:

  • Arabic Alphabet Magpad
  • Fun Dough Arabic Letters!
  • Salat Knowledge Game (similar to Chutes & Ladders)
  • Glitter Crescent Moon & Mosque Eid Cling Decals 15ct
  • Eid Mubarak Double Sided Print Balloons
  • 10 Ways To Remember Allah Book
  • Boys Eid Mubarak Cars Placemat
  • Multicolor Eid Mubarak Pillow Case
  • Eid Mubarak Cloth Bag 


*Please Note once “10 Ways to Remember Allah Book” is sold out we may replace it with “10 Sunnahs of Eid.”