Toddler Girls Eid Gift Bundle

$69.99 $110.00

You Save: $40!

Hip Hip Hooray! Eid is coming! What better way gift a toddler this AMAZING Girls Eid Gift Bundle packed with games and sensory play. From play-dough to placemats, to Arabic learning and Salah games, your child will have nonstop fun with this bundle!

The Eid Bundle includes:

  • Arabic Alphabet Magpad
  • Fun Dough Arabic Letters!
  • Salat Knowledge Game (similar to Chutes & Ladders)
  • Glitter Crescent Moon & Mosque Eid Cling Decals 15ct
  • Eid Mubarak Double Sided Print Balloons
  • 10 Ways To Remember Allah Book
  • Girls Victoria Eid Mubarak Placemat
  • Multicolor Eid Mubarak Pillow Case
  • Eid Mubarak Cloth Bag 


Please Note once “10 Ways to Remember Allah Book” is sold out we may replace it with “10 Sunnahs of Eid.” This also applies to the Girls Placemat which will be replaced by another girls themed placemat.