Young Boys Ramadan Gift Bundle (Ages 9-12)

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Young Boys Ramadan Gift Bundle (Ages 9-12)

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Help your child make the most of Ramadan with this exciting Young Boys Ramadan Gift Bundle (Ages 9-12)! 

As boys get older, finding gifts for them is tough. There is no doubt about that. However, we did some research and realized that they don’t want an abundant amount of things. A few items to their liking keeps them content. 

A cool 3D LED nightstand, Ramadan Calendar, and an Activity Journal should do the trick. If they don’t seem excited right away, I can assure you they will be smiling in their room looking at their new Ramadan LED light :)

Perfect gift set with everything you need for boys ages 9-12

Bundle will be shipped inside our beautiful Ramadan Gift Sack to make it the PERFECT gift for the one who receives it! (For free!)

Bundle includes:

  • 3D Ramadan Mubarak Decorative LED Night Light Table
  • Phases of the Moon Ramadan Wall Calendar
  • Names of Allah Kids Journal & Activity Book
  • Glitter Crescent Moon & Mosque Eid Cling Decals
  • FREE Ramadan Mubarak Blue Cloth Bag