Arabic Books For Kids

Arabic Books

Discover a world of wonder and imagination with our hand-picked selection of Arabic books for kids!

Each book in our collection has been curated with care to ensure that it's enriching, engaging, and perfect for young learners.

Whether your child is just beginning to learn Arabic or they're striving to improve their language skills, our books will help them achieve their goals in a fun and enjoyable way. 

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Proof Jar | برطمان برهان Beit Rima
Gates and Tales | أبواب وحكايات Beit Rima
I Love The Kaaba | أحب الكعبة Beit Rima
my Grandfather's Swing | أرجوحة جدي Beit Rima
Jamilah and The Mirror | جميلة و المرآة Beit Rima
My Beautiful Hijab | حجابي الجميل Beit Rima
Whipped Cream | حلوى الكريمة Beit Rima
A Night with My Grandma | ليلة مع جدتي Beit Rima
What Color is Your Mosque? | ما لون مسجدك المفضل؟ Oak Creative Designs
This is Our Eid | Beit Rima
Young Heroes | صغار لكن أبطال Beit Rima
Don't Forget To Wake me Up Mom | لا تنسي أن توقظيني يا أمي Beit Rima
Where Does the Light Come From? | من أين يأتي هذا الضوء Beit Rima