Find Books about Palestine and books written by Palestinian authors for kids.

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Palestinian Keffiyeh / Kufiya
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Palestine Solidarity Tote Bag
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Palestine Activity Book Kube publishing
Salim's Soccer Ball: A Story of Palestinian Resilience
Fa for Falasteen فاء لفسلطين
Young Heroes Beit Rima
The Treehouse Beit Rima
Gates and Tales Beit Rima
As Sakhra - Islamic Building Blocks Set of the Dome of the Rock Ummah Blocks LLC
Hundred Years' War on Palestine Macmillan Publisher
These Olive Trees Hardcover Penguin Random House
Sitti's Key Little Hibba
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Sitti's Key
Colours of Al-Quds | Children's Book about Palestine Oak Creative Designs
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Mima and Zain Stand for Palestine Eman Kourtam
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My Garden over Gaza By Sarah Musa Muslim Memories
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We're In This Together By Linda Sarsour. Muslim Memories
Does Allah Know I'm Sad? By Heba Subeh-Hyder Muslim Memories
Islamic Fashion Pin Palestine Al-Quds Forever LITTLE MECCA PRESS
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Islamic Fashion Palestine Pin Dammi Falastini Palestinian Freedom Flag LITTLE MECCA PRESS
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Al-Aqsa Sticker Activity Set Muslim Memories
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Train to Al-Aqsa | Educational Journey Palestine By Kamal Ali
Farah Rocks Summer Break Muslim Memories
Farah Rocks New Beginnings By Susan Muaddi Darraj Muslim Memories
Farah Rocks Florida By Susan Muaddi Darraj Muslim Memories
Farah Rocks Fifth Grade By Susan Muaddi Darraj Muslim Memories
Sitti's Olive Trees Muslim Memories
What Did Allah Create For Me Muslim Memories
How Much Does Allah Love Me Prolance
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Miracles Manifest: 40 Hadith on the Miracles of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Imam Ghazali Publishing
You Are The Color Rifk Ebeid
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Salt Houses Harper Collins Publishers
Baba, What Does My Name Mean? A Journey to Palestine |Hardcover Rifk Ebeid
Gates and Tales | أبواب وحكايات Beit Rima
Young Heroes | صغار لكن أبطال Beit Rima
Palestine Box for Charity Muslim Memories
Palestine Flag Heart Acrylic Magnet - Diamond Art Kit Kandeely
38 results