Our Story

Muslim Memories launched Spring of 2019. It all began though, years prior in a room in my home that the kids called the “Ramadan room.” This room was solely in attempts to raise money for our non-profit organization, Eid Orlando.

It didn’t take long to realize that my “Ramadan room” had outgrown its space as well as its demand, since there was no other physical location that sold these types of Islamic products in Orlando, FL. This is where the idea of a “pop up” shop in Orlando, FL was born. This “pop up” is located in a gift shop until Eid, giving the Orlando community the opportunity to shop at a physical location. I plan to re-create this pop up shop every year for my local community.

During the grand opening of the first ever pop up shop in Orlando, I underestimated the demand for innovative, Islamic products. People were yearning for something that could create memories for their kids and connect them with their deen. I got messages daily from all over the world asking if I ship. I knew that I couldn’t stop with just a physical location...

So here we are, Spring 2019, launching online shipping, Alhamdullilah. We hope to exceed your expectations. If we don’t, we would love feedback from our customers and how we can improve every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction!

About me:

I am a wife and mother of three children and currently reside in Orlando, FL. I received my undergraduate degree in International Business and Economics. I went on to obtain my Master’s in Business Administration from the the University of Central Florida.