Our Story

Muslim Memories launched spring of 2019. It all began though, years prior with my first memory of a happy holiday.

This happy holiday was Christmas. I remember when my mom drove me to Walmart because I was crying for a Christmas tree. I was 12 years old at the time. We came home with an 18 inch ready-made, decorated, artificial Christmas tree and I was a perfectly content 12 year old Muslim girl, with an artificial Christmas tree in my house.  Can you guys even begin to see how many problems are in that one sentence?  But the main problem, which as a child I was oblivious too, was this:

I was celebrating a holiday from a different religion. You see, my parents felt like they had no other option because they lacked the resources to provide me with products that were geared towards making memories for me as a Muslim child.  They believed that by moving to this country as immigrants, they had to somehow fill that void in any way possible to make their children feel content. Therefore, in order to make me feel happy, they bought me a Christmas tree.  Granted, this only happened one year, but it was that one year that engrained a memory inside of me that made me wonder what if . . .

Now, as a wife and mother of 3 young children, I yearn to instill memories within my own children of Islam and its traditions with Islamic books, toys, and products from around the world.

This began the creation of my company Muslim Memories. I have a deep passion to make it easily accessible for parents to create those memories with their own children by making it easy for YOU to purchase those products through Muslim Memories. Each and every product on our website has been carefully considered to see if it meets the standards of what we would want in our household with our own children. Naturally, we want to share those same products that we feel would meet the standards of learning for not only your children, but also creating memories that one day your children can look back on and cherish as a Muslim with fond childhood memories. Please join us on this wonderful Muslim Memories journey with us from our family to yours 💞