Children's Books (6-8 years)

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The Kindest Red A Story of Hijab and Friendship by Ibtihaj Muhammad Hachette Book Group
The Proudest Blue A Story of Hijab and Family by Ibtihaj Muhammad Hachette Book Group
Ramadan Nights By Jenny Molendyk Divleli Oak Creative Designs
At the Masjid Learning Series Box Set of 4 Books By Katherine Bullock Compass Books
Hunger Alert By Shazia Afzal and Sania Hussain Compass Books
One Perfect Eid Day and No More Cake By Suzanne Muir and Azra Momin Compass Books
The Sleepy Farmer By Shazia Afzal Compass Books
Call to Hajj By Karen Tuba and Salwah Isaacs ANT Stores
I Love My Baba Children's Book By Razaida Bahram Muslim Memories
A Sensational Journey Medina Book By Jenny Molendyk Divleli OAK CREATIVE
Faris and the Curious Case of the Missing Eid Presents By Muhammad Sattaur and Husna Sattaur Muslim Memories
I Love My Mama’s Hijab By Razaida Bahram and Asbah Alaena Muslim Memories
Children's Islamic Coloring Book Connect The Dots with The Arabic Alphabet Al Qasas Learning Ltd
Hajj & Umrah Activity Book By Learning Roots Learning Roots
I Can Wear Hijab Anywhere Children's Book Kube publishing
Plants in the Quran Search and Find Book By Jenny Molendyk Muslim Memories
We're Off to Make Umrah By Sana Munshey Kube publishing
Makkah and Madinah Activity Book By Aysenur Gunes Muslim Memories
Hamza attends a Janaza (Hardcover) Kube publishing
My First Guide to Umrah Childre's Umrah Guide By Hafsa Abbasi Muslim Memories
Islamic Workbook Tafsir of Surah Al Kahf Muslim Memories
Does Allah Know I'm Sad? By Heba Subeh-Hyder Muslim Memories
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Where Am I Really From, Nana? I Am From Pakistan By Sheza Mansoor Muslim Memories
My Kufi Children's Book By Adil Ismaaeel Muslim Memories
Zara's Rules for Finding Hidden Treasure By Hena Khan Muslim Memories
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Learning to Deal with Loss Sulaiman and the Tides of Change By Aliya Vaughan Kube publishing
My First Book About Salah Muslim Memories
Anisa's International Day By Reem Faruqi Muslim Memories
Hana's Hundreds of Hijabs Children's Book By  Razeena Omar Gutta Muslim Memories
Speak Up Sami Children's Book By Shabana Hussain Muslim Memories
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Dear Allah Children's Secret Diary Gift Set in Blue Imaan Kidz
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Dear Allah Childrens Islamic Secret Diary Set - Pink Imaan Kidz
That's Not My Name!  By Anoosha Syed Muslim Memories
Surah Strips Juz Amma By Nadirah Bint Muhammad Muslim Memories
Room for Everyone By Naaz Khan Muslim Memories
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What Color is Your Mosque? Muslim Memories
338 results