Children's Books (6-8 years)

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Rami the Ramadan Cat Ruqaya's bookshelf
Trouble at Taraweeh Ruqaya's bookshelf
Made from the Same Dough Ruqaya's bookshelf
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Amir's Blue Jacket Ruqaya's bookshelf
My Special Angels The Two Noble Angels By Razana Noor Muslim Memories
Amira's Picture Day By Reem Faruqi Muslim Memories
Heaven is at Mama's Feet Muslim Memories
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There was an Old Auntie who Swallowed a Samosa By Asmaa Hussein Muslim Memories
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Pepperoni, Pitches and Other Problems By Shifa Safadi Muslim Memories
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Zaid and the Gigantic Cloud Muslim Memories
Stuck in the Middle (Chapter Book) Muslim Memories
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The Green Dinosaur Umbrella Muslim Memories
Yasmine’s Belly Button
The Great Hair Exchange
Salim's Soccer Ball: A Story of Palestinian Resilience
A Party in Ramadan
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My Sadaqah Jar is Empty!
Whipped Cream Beit Rima
Whipped Cream
Young Heroes Beit Rima
The Treehouse Beit Rima
Gates and Tales Beit Rima
Palestine Activity Book Kube publishing
The Best Eid Ever Penguin Random House
House with a View Book Oak Creative Designs
Stranded! A Mostly True Story from Iceland Barefoot Books
Mimi & Unicorn Get to Know Allah MUSLIM CHILDREN'S BOOK
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These Olive Trees Hardcover Penguin Random House
Little Muslim Explorers Little Hibba
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Sitti's Key Little Hibba
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Sitti's Key
Allah Made You A Girl Little Hibba
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A Dupatta Is . . . | Hardcover Macmillan Publisher
The Prophet’s Pond | Paperback Learning Roots
Did Musa St-St-Stutter Too? Capstone Publishing
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I Will Not Clean My Room | My Journey to Jannah Capstone Publishing
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Clear the Path: A Rhyme Book on Manners for Little Muslims Capstone Publishing
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From Here and There: A Story About a Mixed Family, Their Multicultural Child, and Celebrating their Rich Ethnic Heritage my cross cultural world
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412 results