Children's Books (6-8 years)

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Dhul-Hijjah Adventures with Binyamin and Chester
Hajj Activity Booklet
Story of Badr (313 Muslim vs 1000 Quryash)
Islamic History for Kids - Story of Uhud
The Prophet Described
Halal Hot Dogs
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Musa And The Ramadan Moon
Musa Loses His Prayer Mat
Eva the seeker - Five more minutes!
Wonderful women in Islamic history book set
Magnificent Prophets in Islam
Ramadan In Space! Book by My Salah Mat
Phases Of The Moon Book
Names of Allah Workbook
Islamic Scratch Art Around The World With Alif & Jeem
Juz By Juz Stories
10 Things I love About Ramadan
Raihanna's First Time Fasting- Hardcover book - Muslim Memories
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Khadijah and Cat: Ramadan Is Here!
Momin Explorers Ramadan Activity Book
My First Book About Ramadan
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My Little Legacy: Ramadan Kids Journal & Activity Book
Decorate Your Home for Ramadan & Eid Stickers
Ramadan Activity Book - Little Kids (Ages 5 Plus) - Muslim Memories
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Ramadan Activity Book - Big Kids (Ages 8 Plus) - Muslim Memories
Migo and Ali: Love for the Prophets
Migo and Ali: A-Z Of Islam
Pray & Play: Ramadan Journal and Activity Book
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Ilyas & Duck - Ramadan Joy! - Muslim Memories
Ilyas & Duck - A Zakat Tale - Muslim Memories
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Ilyas & Duck - So Happy Together Set (2 books) - Muslim Memories
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It’s Ramadan! – Children’s Book
Hassan and Aneesa Love Ramadan
Hassan and Aneesa Celebrate Eid
My Grandpa The Eidi Man
The Story of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
221 results