Want to teach your kids about Islam? We have the best books about Islam! Educational and informative books for all ages. What better way for your kids to read and learn? Our collection offers you the best books about Islam for your family!
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Super Sahaba Stories Learning Roots
Stranded! A Mostly True Story from Iceland Barefoot Books
Call Me Adnan By Reem Faruqi Harper Collins Publishers
The Ramadan Shield By Fadelah Mahmood The Building Bridge
What Should I Do? By Fadelah Mahmoud Building Bridges
Stories of 20 More Mighty Muslim Heroes  By Tamara Haque olive tree books
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Forty Words for Love | Hardcover Penguin Random House
My Sadaqah Jar is Empty!
It's The Moon My First Book Of Islamic Months Little Hibba
Juz Amma Trace Muslim Memories
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1001 Inventions & Awesome Facts from Muslim Civilization Penguin Random House
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Saving Sunshine By  Saadia Faruqi Macmillan Publisher
We Hunt the Flame Sands of Arawiya Volume 2 | Paperback Macmillan Publisher
We Hunt the Flame Sands of Arawiya Volume 1 | Paperback Muslim Memories
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Sins The Poison of the Heart By Haifaa Younis Kube publishing
Getting to Know Muhammad : a Rhyming Verse Novel
Yasmine’s Belly Button
The Great Hair Exchange
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Salim's Soccer Ball: A Story of Palestinian Resilience
The Clear Quran Tafsir For Kids - Surahs 1-9 Volume 1 | Hardcover Furqaan Bookstore
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Al-Khasa’is al-Muhammadiyya
Not Too Little To Make a Difference
Fa for Falasteen فاء لفسلطين
The Girl Who Lost a Leopard Penguin Random House
A Party in Ramadan
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NEW! The 5 Minute Alhamdulillah Journal
Whipped Cream Beit Rima
Whipped Cream
Young Heroes Beit Rima
The Treehouse Beit Rima
Gates and Tales Beit Rima
Hundred Years' War on Palestine Macmillan Publisher
Palestine Activity Book Kube publishing
The Best Eid Ever Penguin Random House
House with a View Book Oak Creative Designs
Rumaysa: A Fairytale Macmillan Publisher
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Dua Magnetic Bookmarks A&R
725 results