Juz By Juz Stories


Introducing the Ramadan series - Juz by Juz stories pioneered by Sheikh Dr. Saalim Al-Azhari (Islam Channel & British Board of Scholars) & featuring his children in this wonderful YouTube series with a follow along workbook!

So how does it work?

One video episode will be released daily on YouTube in Ramadan inshaAllah with a new story from each Juz every day for example Juz one is the story of “Allah & Adam.” 

This format was based upon great feedback Alhamdulilah from the current series called Names of Allah (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3Ke73yGPYk&t=3s ), including being promoted by Mufti Menk and The Azharis is being shown on a number of platforms including Islam Channel, Eman Channel, British Muslim TV,  Muslim kids TV, Ali Huda, Miraj stories, Muslim network TV in Canada & Adams world.

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