Islamic Wall Sticker Glow In The Dark Sticker

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Islamic Wall Sticker Glow In The Dark Sticker


Bedtime has never been easier. Glow in the dark stars and moon make for the perfect night sky, and a poem about Allah makes for the perfect goodnight.

The poem “I see the moon and the Moon sees me, Allah made the moon and Allah made me” is my son’s favorite. We thought, how amazing would it be to have it as our last thought as we go to our dreams.

This set has 310 stickers including the poem, moon, and all the stars in different sizes to make for a well-lit night sky.

These are all ready-to-use stickers, 310 stickers for nothing but fun for kids, but honestly even more fun for the adults to set up and decorate. To get an idea of the scale, please see the images as they show measurements of all the stickers.