Adam's First Fast by Amaan Ishaq


Teach your kids about why we fast during Ramadan and introduce them to the concept of Zakat with this fun and relatable Islamic story.

Food and video games. It’s all Adam can think about as he attempts to complete his first ever half-day fast.

As he struggles to deal with the hunger, his frustration boils over when he doesn’t get the video game system he had been asking for.

What could possibly be more important than video games?

Follow along with Adam as he learns a valuable lesson about why we fast during Ramadan and the importance of giving charity to help those in need.

Written for Muslim children aged 4-8, this humorous and easy-to-understand story teaches kids about Islam by showing the importance of giving to those less fortunate over our desire for material things.

The perfect Ramadan and Eid gift for your kids!