Animals In The Quran Snap Cards By Smart Ark

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A wonderful snap card game with animals that are mentioned in the Quran.  Each card has the animal name in clear English and Arabic text with transliteration, as well as the Qur'anic reference.  
These cards have numerous uses.  Parents can use the cards to help very young children to identify first words and pictures.  Older children can use these cards to find out about the Qur'anic verses that refer to the animals mentioned.

To play snap: shuffle cards face down, equally between 2-4 players.  Without looking at the cards, each player takes turns to put a card in a middle pile.  If the cards match, the player shouts out "snap".  The player with the most cards wins.

To play pairs: Place pairs of cards facing down randomly.  Then each person lifts two cards.  If the cards match, the player keeps the card.  Each person takes turns and tries to remember where the matching pairs are.  The player who has the most cards is the winner.

Contents: 52 Cards