NEW! Arabic Alphabet Talking Flashcards


Discover the perfect tool to learn the Arabic alphabet! Our beautifully made, high-quality flashcards are easy to use and come ready to use. Rejoice in the gift of language with these interactive, user-friendly flashcards!

Introducing Arabic Alphabet Talking Flashcards! Make learning to read the Quran easy and fun for kids with our interactive flashcards.

Hear the pronunciation of each letter, trace the shape with your finger, and tap to reveal the picture.

Engage young minds with educational play and watch them master the alphabet with joy and enthusiasm!

Pronounced by native speakers, these flashcards provide an immersive learning experience that will captivate children and make learning the Quran both easy and enjoyable.

Bring the power of interactive learning to your children today!

Learning the Arabic Alphabet couldn't get simpler! Flashcards that actually speak! Insert the card in the reader and hear it say the sound. 

7 Stages to learn:

  • Stage 1: Letter recognition + letter words (reverse)
  • Stage 2: Letters with Fatha
  • Stage 3: Letters with Kasra
  • Stage 4: Letters with Damma
  • Stage 5 : Letters with Fathatain
  • Stage 6: Letters with Kasratain
  • Stage 7: Letters with Dammatain

Contents include:

  • 112 Double sided Arabic Alphabet cards (224 sides)
  • Portable electronic sound device 
  • Charging cable
  • Manual