The Beautiful Names Of Allah Vol-2

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Learning about the names of Allaah should be the centre of every Muslim home.In Volume 2, we learn more of Allaah’s beautiful names. This should be an important thing every Muslim child is familiar with.Discover them and enjoy seeing your child connect towards their Creator by learning them and acting upon them.We use short rhymes coupled with captivating illustrations that will surely be a book your child would want to read over and over again. This is part 2 of a book series of the beautiful names of Allaah aimed to capture the hearts of young Muslim children and their love for their Lord and religion. In shaa AllaahThis will make a lovely gift for your little ones, a perfect bedtime story or something just to read to your child as part of the their Islamic Education on Tahweed Asma Wal Husna. Vol1 and Vol 2 will teach your child over 20 names, using relatable and easy to understand language and relatable imagery to really help young children grap the meaning. Our books have be designed so that children are taught the correct creed in a beautiful way.Recommended age 3+