Islamic Sticker Set Featuring Hijabi's


Islamic Sticker. Perfect for your laptop, phone, notebook or journal.

Stickers are printed on glossy weatherproof sticker sheet.

This listing is for ONE sticker. 

Please note: Colors may vary slightly depending on your device screen/monitor.



Cute Hijabi : 50x50MM.

Blessed Girl: 50x60MM.

Hijabi Sunglasses Girl: 90MM x 50MM

Hijabi girl with cats: 90MM x 50MM.

Black Abaya Girl: 50x90MM.

Coloured Abaya Girl: 90x40MM.

Sunhat Hijabi Girl: 90MM x 50MM.

Perfect for Picnic Hijabi: 50x90MM.

Girl With Cat: 70x40MM.

Fab! Hijabi Girl: 50x90MM.

Yellow Dress Hijabi Girl: 90MM x 50MM.