Hijabi Sticker



Perfect for your laptop, phone, notebook or journal.

Stickers are printed on glossy weatherproof sticker sheet.

This listing is for ONE sticker. 

Please note: Colors may vary slightly depending on your device screen/monitor.



Cute Hijabi : 50x50MM.

Blessed Girl: 50x60MM.

Hijabi Sunglasses Girl: 90MM x 50MM

Hijabi girl with cats: 90MM x 50MM.

Black Abaya Girl: 50x90MM.

Coloured Abaya Girl: 90x40MM.

Sunhat Hijabi Girl: 90MM x 50MM.

Perfect for Picnic Hijabi: 50x90MM.

Girl With Cat: 70x40MM.

Fab! Hijabi Girl: 50x90MM.

Yellow Dress Hijabi Girl: 90MM x 50MM.