Dua Made Easy 60 Illustrated Dua cards with short prayers for kids


Introducing Dua Made Easy cards – the perfect educational tool for parents who want to teach their kids the power of Islamic Duas and understanding the beautiful names of Allah. Say goodbye to the hassle of reminding your children what to pray for after Salah, because our cards have got you covered.

Our cards include personal Duas for children, their families, friends, and the ummah. With vibrant illustrations, transliterations, and translations, learning and memorizing Duas has never been easier or more fun!

By using Dua Made Easy cards, you can help your children build a strong relationship with Allah, nurturing their spiritual growth and bringing them closer to their faith. As parents, we all crave this connection for our kids and our cards provide a fun and interactive way to achieve it.

Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind tool that is perfect for children of all ages and levels of understanding. Join us in guiding our children on the path of righteousness and may Allah guide them to be the coolness of our eyes.

May all your Duas come true and may Allah bless your family with good health, happiness, and prosperity.