Eid Wreath Gold Glitter Acrylic 12 Inch

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This Eid Wreath is perfect for making a statement! Crafted with great quality and precision, it is perfect for bringing Eid cheer to your home. Its glittery, golden acrylic make it a beautiful and eye-catching decoration that is sure to make an impression on your family and friends. Celebrate Eid in style this season with this gorgeous wreath!


Eid Decoration Eid Wreath Gold Glitter Acrylic 12 Inch Diameter and 6mm Thick Reusable Decor Eid Decoration

Celebrate Eid and all its joy with this beautiful decor made just for you.

Choose between English Eid Mubarak or Arabic Eid Mubarak 


- 1 Gold Glitter Laser Cut Acrylic Eid Mubarak Crescent 12 inches Diameter

- Clear Heavy Duty Hanging String