Folktales for a Better World: Stories of Peace and Kindness | Hardcover


Will two clans in Ethiopia make peace by throwing their most precious possessions in the river?

Can a poor Palestinian shepherd show a rich sultan the value of true kindness?

Or will an angel in Afghanistan find a way to turn the selfish Emir into a caring ruler?

Buried treasure and an act of forgiveness reunite a father and daughter in Sudan while a camel is the key to choosing a kind and fair ruler for the kingdom of Yemen.

Hear the Syrian story of the woodcutter and the lion to discover the meaning of friendship, and then follow nine courageous Uighur princesses of Kashgar, as they bring peace to their kingdom – without any fighting.

The importance of peace and kindness in our lives shines through these timeless, inspirational stories from seven countries, beautifully told and illustrated with empathy and humor.