Kaaba Glitter Snow Globe


Introducing our most stunning piece.

This mesmerizing, timeless snow globe of the holy mosque in Mecca is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Handcrafted with shimmering gold glitter, it's a breathtaking reminder of the beauty and reverence of this spiritual destination. With a simple shake, you can watch the glitter swirl and be transported to the sacred site.

Perfect for a mantelpiece or special spot in your home, it's a beautiful reminder of the power of faith. It’s the perfect gift for a child, parents, in-laws, ameens, Hajj/Umrah gifts, and so much more!

Details of the artwork:

Capture the beauty of a sacred verse of the Quran with this stunning gold Arabic calligraphy. Painted on the base, is a verse of the most beloved Surah Arahman. It is a profound verse that asks us all “Then which of your Lord’s favors will you ˹humans and jinn˺ both deny?”. A verse that has humbled the hearts of generations.

 Each Kabah model is handcrafted by an expert artist using premium materials. The Glass Globe itself has a 10cm Diameter. The weight of the glitter globe is  1.71lbs, and when packaged it is 2.17lbs. The globe is securely packaged in a perfectly fitted styrofoam encasing and boxed. The beautifully imprinted box is designed to mimic the one and only Kabah. When ordered, it is placed in a secondary box to get to you perfectly inshallah.

This is a great gift for any occasion, or perfect for yourself as a reminder of faith and devotion





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