Islamic Home Decor Allah Mohammad Black Steel Bookend Set


Introducing the Islamic Home Decor Bookend Set – a beautiful and meaningful addition to any home. Crafted from quality materials and styled with Arabic calligraphy, this set is a stunning reminder of Allah and Mohammad and makes the perfect gift for family and friends. Bring timeless elegance and faith into your home with this one-of-a-kind set!

Islamic Calligraphy art "Allah Mohammad" bookend set made from black carbon steel. Designed to bring the essence of islamic calligraphy to our everyday. Modeled after the magnificent calligraphy around the Muslim world, these bookends have "Allah" on the right and "Mohammad" on the left making for a symbol, if you will, for the statement known as the Shahada. " La Ilaha Illa Allah, Mohammad Rasul Allah". Meaning, There is No God Except Allah and Mohammad is His Messenger,

The material used in carbon steel. Making in strong in design and even more so in function. Under the flat hold of the bookends there are four grip studs that allow them to hold place without the concern of slipping or sliding from the weight or push of the books.