Islamic Washi Tape

$4.99 $5.99

Discover gorgeous washi tapes, handcrafted with vibrant Islamic designs! Our washi tape collection is made with an eye for high-quality, making it easy to find the perfect tape for your DIY crafts, making them stand out with a dazzling, one-of-a-kind flair. Ready to use, will it be the perfect match for your creations?

Washi tape is perfect for gifts, envelopes, and DIY projects!

There are Ten different designs to choose from!

  1. Do Not Open Until Eid washi tape (1.5 cm width)
  2. Mubarak washi tape (1.5 cm width)
  3. Ice Cream Eid washi tape (2 cm width)
  4. Alhambra Washi tape (2.5 cm width)
  5. Eid Donut Washi Tape (1.5 cm width)
  6. Love & Duas Washi Tape (2 cm width)
  7. Ramadan Mubarak Washi Tape (2 cm width)
  8. Do Not Open Until Iftaar Washi Tape (1.5 cm width)
  9. Masjid Washi tape
  10. Istanbul washi tape (2 cm width) 
  11. Watercolor Eid Washi Tape