Learning to Deal with Loss Sulaiman and the Tides of Change By Aliya Vaughan


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Learning to deal with loss is a story about a young Muslim boy on holiday with his family when he learns that his grandfather has passed away. Although it is a shock to them all, Sulaiman is particularly upset.

Sulaiman and his family love visiting his grandparents, who live by the coast. They spend the holidays together -- exploring the coastline, playing on the beach, eating Grandma's homecooked food and enjoying Grandpa's bedtime stories. It's their family outings in the sun that they enjoy the most. Sadly, this year Grandpa cannot take part as much because of ill health. Join Sulaiman as he learns about how life changes over time and how to deal with loss as a Muslim.
It raises many questions in his mind and evokes turbulent emotions that he has not experienced before. Through it, he learns the Islamic concept of death; how to deal with losses and changes in life and how it is all linked to a greater purpose.
Author: Aliya Vaughan

Illustrator: Rakaiya Azzouz

Paperback, 56 pages

Age: 7+