Letters from a Prophet | Hardcover


Many years ago, across distant lands and faraway empires, a series of letters were sent to some of the most powerful men on earth.

These were no ordinary letters, however- they were from none other than the Last Prophet of God and the message they contained was one for all time.

It was the year 7AH (628AD), and the dawn of a new era for the early Muslims as they welcomed the promise of peace on the horizon.

The time was now right. The Prophet (pbuh) decided to invite the wider world to a better way of living.

Messengers were chosen to visit the opulent palaces of the Roman Empire, travel by boat up the Nile to Alexandria, cross vast planes to a Kingdom in Abyssinia and approach the extravagant fortresses of mighty Persia.

The task at hand was monumental for those selected to deliver the message. Reactions to the letters varied in extremes, but all carry equally valuable lessons.

Within the preparation, delivery and reactions to these letters, we learn about faith, power, and the human condition.

You will see how Letters from a Prophet contains timeless truths just as important and relevant to our lives today, as they were back when they were penned. Join us on a profound journey of discovery…

  • Author: Zimarina Sarwar
  • Illustrator: Giorgio Bacchin
  • 60 Pages
  • Ages: 9 Years +
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9780860378181