Little Musafir Arabic Alphabet Puzzle Set | Takva Kids



Comprising of 21 wooden-magnetic shapes and 28 puzzle cards of the Arabic alphabet, your child will immerse himself in attempting to form the pictures shown on the black silhouettes of each card.

Then, turn the card over to see if he got it right! These puzzle games are great to play at home, in restaurants or at parties, but they can also be easily taken along on travel and long trips.

This little box of fun will keep the little ones busy with fun-filled learning anywhere and anytime, even during travel.

It is a great, screen-free way to nurture a child's creative mind, and a fun way to teach letters and shapes.

 You can even fill the box up with other trinkets and toys that will occupy his time during the journey ahead! Also it is a great tool for teachers or parents who are introducing the Arabic alphabet to their children or students in a fun and engaging way.


Arabic Alphabet Box contains:

★ 21 basic wooden pieces with attached magnets

★ 28 puzzle cards Arabic Alphabet

★ Tin box for easy storage and play during travel- the magnets ensure the pieces do not fall from the box during bumpy rides! 

Add On:

Purchased Separately

★ Animals in the Quran: 21 puzzles of animal shapes with the corresponding verses in the Quran written at the back

This toy is specially designed and CE, CPSA and UKCA certified for child toy safety according to international standards.