Little Umar Search Lift The Flaps By Marium Kapadia



Where is brother Ibrahim? Join little Umar, in this lift-the-flap book, as he goes from room to room looking for his older brother. Be a part of little Umar's search as he discovers different members of his family engaged in different acts of worship.

About The Author:

Marium’s approach to books is instinctive. Its essence lies in its simplicity.

She uses flaps, pop ups, and sensory materials for an added dimension and to paint a picture of reality in her books.

It also helps in drawing the attention of the kids and maintaining their interests. She believes in using simple, repetitive texts, and rhymes that enables a preschooler to grasp and understand the content faster and ingrain it in their minds forever.

She always ends her book in an upbeat note. Children and adults alike love her thoughtful, positive endings.