Middle Grade Ramadan Box for Boys


**Will be available for purchase February 26th week  

Our Middle Grade Ramadan Box was carefully curated  to meet the standards of a growing boy and what boys would be interested in. If you notice at this age, middle grade boys need the balance of “Faith & Fun” but with a more quirky touch.

The Eliyas Ramadan + Journal by Zanib Mian is the perfect match for this age group to deliver something fun yet engaging on the path to learning more about their deen. 

A “fun” illustrated Day in the Park 304 pc puzzle to keep their minds engaged while eating their sour gummy worms (of course when they aren’t fasting!) and 2 awesome Diamond Paint Art Kits!

This Box Includes: 

  • Eliyas Explains Ramadan + journal
  • Day in the Park Puzzle 304 pcs
  • 2 Diamond Paint Art Kits
  • Sour Gummy Worms
  • Ramadan Gel Clings
  • Ramadan Kareem Wristband
  • Suhoor Menu Request by Festive Bazaar
  • Ramadan Tracker by Shop Sujood