Mighty Muslim Boy Journal


The only interactive activity journal for Muslim boys.

With the stresses of today’s world, a boy needs a lot more self-love, a boost in confidence and a positive relationship with Allah to grow up to be a confident, caring, responsible, Muslim man. This activity journal has been designed to give them a helping hand.

Help the awesome boys in your life go from saying “I can’t do this”, “Allah doesn’t love me” or “I am better than girls” to positive affirmations and loving Allah. Support them to release stress and build a daily habit of gratitude, mindfulness and confidence with Islam-centred content.

Why this journal is needed

The right tools can help children understand the importance of positive affirmations, process their feelings and develop a beautiful relationship with Allah. Negative self-talk, lack of mindfulness and fear can lead to a fixed mindset, low self-confidence and distance from Allah. In the age of social media, boys are developing lower self-confidence than ever before.

Parents can create the environment to foster a positive inner voice, help children believe in themselves, gently process their emotions, have a loving relationship with Allah, and grow up to be well-rounded confident Muslim adults.

Mighty Muslim Boy Journal is a guided journal that has been developed through the author’s own experiences with therapy, psychological research and journey in getting closer to Allah.

Build confidence and self-love with Islam-centred affirmations

With positive affirmations and room to draw, write and reflect, this thoughtful interactive journal will help build a growth mindset with love and faith in Allah’s plan. Boys can work through the journal at their own pace.



100+ PAGES: Of affirmations, prompts, exercises, doodles and creative space.

POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations for self-love and strengthening relationship with Allah.

REFLECTIVE EXERCISES: Learning from mistakes, self-love, letting go, emotional awareness and more for self-development.

DHIKR PROMPTS: Daily dhikr, names of Allah, dua, Salah, charity and Quran reading prompts to help build a schedule around worship and remembrance of Allah.

GRATITUDE & REFLECTIONS: Exercises for practicing daily gratitude and room for penning thoughts and reflections.

30 DAYS OF KINDNESS: Acts of kindness to practice throughout the year.

MINDFULNESS TOOLS: Combining mindfulness tools and Dhikr to live in the present with awareness of Allah.

FUN DOODLES: Colour while you learn and reflect.

The size is ideal for boys to carry in their backpacks or with them. Best used with colour pencils, crayons and coloured pens