Baby Islamic Milestone Wooden Plaques Gift Set


Now introducing the first Islamic wooden milestone plaques of its kind!⁣Presented in a gift box, these beautiful plaques are the perfect gift for a newborn baby!⁣ The set is uniquely designed and engraved on high quality basswood in hexagon shapes that interlock seamlessly together. ⁣

The set includes 26 precious milestones on 13 reversible plaques, presented in a gift box.⁣

The milestones are:⁣

- Salaam World⁣

- The newest member of the Ummah⁣

- Masha'Allah One week old⁣

- Subhan'Allah Two weeks old⁣

- AllahumaBarik Three weeks old ⁣

- Masha'Allah One month old⁣

- Subhan'Allah Two months⁣

- Tabarak'Allah Three months old⁣

- AllahummaBarik Four months old⁣

- Alhamdulillah Five months old⁣

- Masha'Allah Six months old⁣

- Subhan'Allah Seven months old⁣

- Tabarak'Allah Eight months old⁣

- AllahummaBarik Nine months old⁣

- Alhamdulillah Ten months old⁣

- Masha'Allah Eleven months old⁣

- AllahummaBarik One years old today⁣

- Today is my Aqiqah⁣

- My first Eid⁣

- My first Ramadan⁣

- My first tooth Masha'Allah⁣

- Today I took my first steps Alhamdulillah⁣

- Today I smiled for the first time AllahummaBarik⁣

- Subhan'Allah today I said my first word⁣

-AllahummaBarik my first Haircut⁣

- Alhamdulillah today I slept through the night⁣