My Daily Dua’s Story Sound Book 2 By Desi Doll


Press Listen and Learn your daily dua’s with Khadijah and Safiya.Another beautifully illustrated story sound book that children can relate to and helps them learn some daily prayers for all their everyday actions.

Part 2 teaches more duas’ like when we greet people, before starting a journey, before leaving the home, before entering the home, after we sneeze, and many more.

Read, press the sound buttons on each page, listen and learn the duas’ in Arabic and then hear the translations in English.

Dua’ Book 2 contains the following dua’s

  1. Dua’ when greeting

  2. Dua’ before eating

  3. Dua’ after eating

  4. Dua’ when leaving the home

  5. Dua’ when starting a journey

  6. Dua’ after you sneeze

  7. Dua’ when you hear someone sneeze

  8. Dua’ for a reply to the one who says “Yarhamukallah”

  9. Dua’ for entering the home

  10. Dua’ when feeling happy and pleased