My Daily Duas Interactive Talking Poster


Experience the power of daily duas with My Daily Duas Interactive Talking Poster! This innovative poster provides an interactive learning experience for children, with a customizable speech function that speaks the duas. Help your kids effortlessly learn and recite their daily prayers while having fun. Embark on a spiritual journey and invite blessings into your life with My Daily Duas Interactive Talking Poster.

Learn your Daily Duas with this fun, interactive talking poster! Press the Dua and hear the poster speak!

12 Duas to listen and learn. 

English or Arabic mode

Duas include:

  1. Dua before sleeping 
  2. Dua after waking 
  3. Dua entering the bathroom
  4. Dua when leaving the bathroom
  5. Dua before eating 
  6. Dua after Eating
  7. Dua before leaving the home
  8. Dua when entering the home
  9. Dua when leaving the mosque 
  10. Dua when entering the mosque
  11. Dua upon yawning
  12. Dua upon sneezing

Poster dimensions: 41 x 55.5cm

Requires 3AAA batteries (not included)